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Seminar Bijelo Polje

Seminar in BIjelo Polje

Training for milk producers was held in Bijelo Polje and in total 24 participants were present. In the course of this 4-day training, the participants have had the opportunity to receive the information and deepen their knowledge in:

- General Food Safety Requirements in dairy production and processing, 

- Overview of the prerequisite programs for food safety (Good Hygiene Practice- GHP and Good Manufacturing Practice- GMP),

- Implementation of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) in the food production facilities,

- HACCP documentation requirements,

- Derogations from the Food Safety standards for small producers and producers of the traditional food products (focus on traditional 

cheese production),

- Traditional cheese production technology,

- The importance of creating the producer associations,

- Possible quality labels, - How to make a business plan, valorize the production and apply for different types of subventions.

- Agro tourism – as additional activity to agricultural producers. 

On the last day of the training, the group has visited a farm owned by Mr Vucko Pesic, a breeder and traditional cheese producer. The training started with the delivery of the Informative brochure and accompanying material containing the basic information about on farm hygiene, milk hygiene and basic hygiene practices during milk production and processing.  



  Oktoih 1, Podgorica